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Counselling Services

Our Counselling Services team is here to support you and is available for a variety of situations. Common concerns which might bring someone to counselling include stress or anxiety, depression, loneliness or isolation, adjusting to college life, and relationship issues. If you’re experiencing these, or other issues, counselling could be right for you. The Counselling Centre offers confidential individual, couple, and family counselling.

The Briercrest Counselling Centre serves as a training context for graduate seminary counselling students. These supervised mental health counsellors, along with a number of other mental health counsellors, provide confidential counselling to clients under the supervision of the Counselling Centre Coordinator.

Setting up appointments

  • emailing
  • having a staff or faculty member set up an appointment on your behalf.
  • having a staff or faculty member come by and introduce you to one of our counsellors.


Our counselling staff

  • Semhar Ghedela, MA, MFT, Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)
    Coordinator of Counselling Centre
  • Cecilia Wanner
    Supervised Mental Health Counsellor
  • Kiera Milgate
    Supervised Mental Health Counsellor
  • Timothy Plant
    Supervised Mental Health Counsellor
  • LeeAnne Leister
    Mental Health Counsellor
  • Kevin Eby
    Mental Health Counsellor
  • Joy Choi, MC, Canadian Certified Counsellor
    Intake Counsellor of Counselling Centre

Location, hours and contact

The Briercrest Counselling Centre is located on the Briercrest campus in the Seminary Wing where you can find signs directing you to our counselling offices. The office is open Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and there are options to schedule weekday evening counselling sessions.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (306) 801-5645



The Briercrest current student (Briercrest Christian Academy, College, or Seminary) subsidized fee is $40.00 per counselling hour. If you are an employee of Briercrest, your Employee Assistance Plan fee is $50.00 per counselling hour. If you are an Alumni of Briercrest, the subsidized fee is $50.00 per counselling hour to see a supervised mental health counsellor & $70.00 for a mental health counsellor.

From time to time, as capacity allows, the Briercrest Counselling Centre may offer counselling services for those who are not affiliated with Briercrest in a student/staff/alumni capacity at a fee of $140.00 per counselling hour to see a mental health counsellor and $70.00 to see a supervised mental health counsellor. Please contact for more information.

All above options are available as individual, couple, and/or family sessions.

Fees can be paid at the time of appointment by credit card or following the appointment through the Briercrest Online Payment Options by either debit or credit card.

When using the online payment option, please direct the payment to the Counselling Centre and include the name of the person who received counselling in the details/comments box.

There may also be some provision for further fee subsidy. Please discuss this with your counsellor if you are unable to pay the full fee.


Referrals to counselling

If you’re referring a student to the Counselling Centre, please contact us ahead of time to provide information about the situation to and help us determine how to best understand the situation to support the student.

Required counselling

At times a student may be required by others (such as a parent, dorm staff, teacher, coach, etc.) to attend counselling to continue participating in a program or as part of a disciplinary process. Frequency and length of counselling will be determined through collaborative conversations with the counsellor and student regarding goals to be accomplished in counselling to help the student meet the external expectations for change, it is important for the mandating person to make the initial referral: providing information about the situation and clarifying the expectations of the student. In some circumstances it may be best to attend the beginning of the initial meeting with the student and counsellor.

In mandated situations, there are no additional consequences from the Counselling Centre if the student does not attend or engage, other than the standard fee in the case of a missed appointment if 24 hour notice was not given. It is up to the mandating person to monitor the student's fulfillment of counselling requirements and enforce any subsequent consequences. With the student's consent, a counsellor will share, with the mandating person, the student's attendance and engagement with counselling at the frequency required by the mandating person.

External referral

Counselling Services has a strong network of relationships within the Moose Jaw mental health community. We coordinate referral and consultation with outside agencies as necessary.



Mental Health Resources


Healthline 811
  • Healthline 811 lets you talk to a healthcare professional about health, mental health, addictions and more. It's confidential, free and available 24/7.
  • Dial 811 to call Healthline.
Kids Help Phone
  • Kids Help Phone offers professional counselling, information and referrals. You can phone, text or chat online. It's confidential, free and available 24/7.
  • Call 1-800-668-6868
  • Text CONNECT to 686868
  • Chat online at
Anxiety Canada

A non-profit organization which provides self-help, peer reviewed and trusted resources on anxiety.

Online resources include educational videos on YouTube, information exchange on Facebook, downloadable articles and resources, and the free and widely popular Mindshift App. Anxiety Canada self-help resources are written specifically for children, youth, adults, parents, and individuals to support anxiety management.

Canadian Mental Health Association is a national community-based organization website with useful resources on a variety of mental health topics


A free and private online, Stress, Anxiety and Depression test to help you better understand your current mental health, the underlying contributing factors, and get recommendations on how to improve.


A BC-based website that includes tool kits, fact sheets, and discussion forums for depression and anxiety.

Explore strategies to help you take care of your mental health and use substances in healthier ways, find the information you need to manage mental health and substance use problems, and learn how you can support a loved one.


Exists in the space where mental health, wellness, engagement and technology meet. They work with community partners and young people to co-create interactive tools and innovative resources to build capacity and resilience.

You’ll find:


An Online Therapy Unit which offers a free online therapy program (the UniWellbeing Course) for post-secondary students in Saskatchewan. Students work through online content to help them manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, along with weekly contact from a therapist.