In general, internships are available to our college students who have completed 60 credit hours or more and have been accepted into a degree program offering an internship. Some programs allow for internships with less than 60 credit hours. Check with your program coordinator for internship pre-requisites.

For most programs, see the following internship process and application form.

General Internship Process and Application Form

For Christian Ministry internships, see more information and download the application below.

CM Internship Application Form

What is Christian Ministry internship?

Internship is an important step toward vocational ministry and typically occurs in a church, mission agency, para-church organization, or summer camp. It provides a practical, supervised, and immersive experience in the tasks, attitudes, and skills necessary for Christian ministry. The purpose is to help students discern future vocational possibilities, cultivate spiritual maturity, and reflect theologically on the practice of ministry. Interns will also develop a working relationship with an experienced ministry practitioner who serves as their Mentor.

What are the Christian Ministry internship requirements?

Christian Ministry internships are available to college students who have completed 60 credit hours or more and have been accepted into a degree program offering an internship (BA Worship Arts, BA Youth Ministry, BA Christian Ministry). It is also possible to participate in a Christian Ministry internship for other degree programs by using free electives. Please contact Academic Services for information about internship requirements or possibilities for your program.

The best internship experiences span over the course of a ministry year (minimum six months) and average about thirty hours of engagement per week. This allows students to experience the ebbs and flows of congregational or organizational life, and to build vital relationships. Students will also have time to take additional courses during their internship.

In special situations, students may opt for two combined 3-credit hour internships (for a total of 6-credit hours) with a minimum of 300 hours of service for each. Students should consult Academic Services to ensure that a 6-credit hour internship fits with their program requirements.

The location and type of internship should align with the goals of a student’s program and/or concentration. In addition, the Mentor at the internship site should be someone with related expertise, at least five years of experience, and who has served in their current ministry position for a minimum of one year.

How do I apply for a Christian Ministry internship?

There are two critical documents that will need to be completed before being approved for an internship, the Internship Application Form (see link above) and the Learning Contract.

Students are responsible for arranging for their own internship placement site. This includes finding a Mentor at the location who will supervise the internship. Sometimes churches or organizations will request an intern from Briercrest. In these situations, the Program Coordinator may help find a student who is a good fit with the placement site and set up an initial meeting with the Mentor. If the student and the Mentor agree together on alignment and fit, they may then move forward with the application process.

Students interested in an internship should take the following steps:

  1. Direct questions about program requirements to your Program Coordinator. They will provide you with copies of the syllabus, Internship Handbook, and Learning Contract. You will also receive guidance about where your internship might take place.
  2. Determine your internship placement site and Mentor. Send your Mentor a copy of the syllabus, Internship Handbook, and Learning Contract.
  3. Complete the Internship Application Form (see link above) and submit it online. Once your Program Coordinator receives your application, they will notify you and your mentor about the status of your approval.
  4. After you receive approval from your Program Coordinator, complete the digital Learning Contract with your Mentor (please do not submit a handwritten version - use a computer). Email a signed .pdf copy to your Program Coordinator for final approval.
  5. If your Program Coordinator approves your contract, they will submit a signed copy to the Academic Services office, who will contact you about registration and payment for your internship. If you do not hear from the Academic Services office, check with your Program Coordinator to make sure the form was submitted.
  6. The Academic Services office will send you an email to confirm your final registration for the course.
  7. Your Program Coordinator will work with you and your Mentor in the pre-internship, internship, and post-internship phases to help ensure a successful internship.
  8. Once you have completed your internship, submit any written assignments and forms to your Faculty Supervisor and arrange an interview with him/her. Consult your syllabus for specific details about assignments.