Internships are available to our college students who have completed 60 credit hours or more and have been accepted into a degree program offering an internship. Some programs allow for internships with less than 60 credit hours. Check with your program coordinator for internship pre-requisites.

Students interested in an internship should take the following steps:

  1. View the online syllabus posted on Briercrest Live and direct questions about its requirements to the Program Coordinator. If the syllabus is not posted, please contact your Program Coordinator for a copy.
  2. Determine where you will do your internship, who will be your Mentor, and who will be your Faculty Supervisor. See your syllabus for details.
  3. Complete the Internship Application and submit it to your Program Coordinator for approval.
  4. Complete the Learning Contract with your Mentor and submit it to your Faculty Supervisor for approval.
  5. Your Faculty Supervisor will submit the Learning Contract to your Program Coordinator for final approval. Note: Most often your Program Coordinator will be your Faculty Supervisor.
  6. If the Program Coordinator approves your internship, they will submit the Internship Application to Academic Services office. If you do not hear from the Academic Services office, check with your Program Coordinator to make sure the form was submitted to the Academic Services office for course registration.
  7. The Academic Services office will send you an email to confirm your registration for the course.
  8. The Faculty Supervisor will work with you and your Mentor in the pre-internship, internship, and post-internship phases.
  9. Once you have completed your internship, submit any written assignments and forms to your Faculty Supervisor and arrange an interview with him/her.

Internship Application Form (pdf)