Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are adaptations that allow a student with a disability equal educational opportunity. Adaptions can be made to academic policies, procedures, or the learning environment. However, no adaptation can compromise the academic integrity of a course or program. This simply means that each course or program has essential requirements that would jeopardize learning outcomes if it were to be eliminated or changed.

At the Academic Resource Centre, we work with students who have permanent or temporary disabilities and facilitate services that will support them on their academic journey. Disabilities, as defined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, can include physical disabilities, blindness, deafness or other hearing impediment, speech impediments, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health disorders, ADHD, ASD, etc.

What documentation is needed?

  • A student with a medical disability must complete a Medical Verification Form by a licensed health care practitioner.
  • A student with a learning disability must submit a psycho-educational assessment by a registered psychologist (completed during high school or within the last five years).
  • If you are a new student, please submit the required documentation to your Admissions Advisor.
  • If you are a current student, please submit the required documentation to the Director of Student Success.

What kinds of accommodations are offered?

Typical accommodations can include:

  • Use of a personal computer for notetaking
  • Use of a personal audio-recording device for lectures (to be done by student)
  • Possible extensions for assignments (consult with faculty) 
  • Extended time for writing exams
  • Quiet space for writing exams
  • No more than one final exam per day (scheduled >2hrs in length)
  • Use of a computer for writing exams (no internet access, unless permitted by instructor)
  • Reader during exams
  • Scribe during exams (additional cost at minimum wage)

How do I register for accommodations?

You can only register for accommodations if you have submitted documentation. To receive accommodations, this process must be completed at the beginning of every semester.

  1. Meet with the Director of Student Success to go over your documentation, approved accommodations, and course schedule. Book space for any exams you have (if that is one of your accommodations). After this meeting and with your consent, the Director of Student Success will send a letter to your professors listing your approved accommodations.
  2. You are highly recommended to meet with each of your professors at the beginning of the semester to talk about your approved accommodations and which ones can be accommodated in the classroom (this can vary depending on the nature of the class).
  3. Email the Director of Student Success with any questions, updated forms, or exam date changes.

Are any financial resources available?

Great question! The Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities offers up to $8000 per year for qualified students. This grant provides funding for equipment and/or services according to a student’s specific disability. To receive funds, you must be a full-time or part-time student and be eligible for student financial assistance. For more information, check your province’s student aid website or visit

For required forms and other questions, please contact the Director of Student Success.